When Phyllis Newhouse joined the military back in the early 1980’s, she learned being a part of the military there are fundamentals that need to be memorized and recited on command. 

This includes the U.S Military Mission, The Code of Conduct, The Honor Code, The Army Corp and The 11 Principals of Leadership.

There are 11 Principals that are crucial to learn regardless of what branch of the military you are a part of.

The 11 Principals of Leadership were developed in the 40’s and published in the 50’s. They are still taught, to this day, unmodified across all basic training and armed forces.

After 60 years, The 11 Principals of Leadership are virtually unchanged.

Why are they unchanged after all these years? 

They are timeless. So what are The 11 Principles? 

Principal 1: Know Yourself and Seek Self-Improvement. 

Principal 2: Be Technically and Tactically Proficient. 

Principal 3: Seek Responsibility and Take Responsibility for Your Actions

Principal 4: Set the Example

Principal 5: Know Your People and Look Out for Their Welfare

Principal 6: Keep Your People Informed

Principal 7: Ensure the Task is Understood, Supervised and Accomplished

Principal 8: Develop a Sense of Responsibility Among Your People

Principal 9: Train Your People as a Team

Principal 10: Make Sound & Timely Decisions

Principal 11: Employ Your Work Unit in Accordance with its Capabilities

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