“Just” a Teacher

How many times have you been told that you’re “just a teacher”? That phrase can hurt, especially because it typically comes from a person who has NO idea what a teacher goes through. Educators wear a lot of hats – teacher, mentor, advocate – all of these roles play a part in your overall impact, and putting focus on all of them separately and as a whole is vitally important.

Today, however, I want to focus on a role that often gets overlooked when it comes to teaching: the role of the leader. When you step into your classroom each day, you’re stepping directly into a position of great responsibility and influence. Allowing yourself to fully embody this leadership role as you conduct your job duties will do wonders to help you feel empowered, inspired, and in control as you navigate the obstacles that come with being an educator. 

Leadership is a Mindset

Former fifth-grade teacher and school administrator Andrea Gebhardt knows exactly how important it is for teachers to recognize their roles as leaders. “One of the most important aspects of development and growth,” Gebhardt says, “is understanding that in order to evoke change around you, you have to evoke change within you.”

Now, you may be thinking: “this sounds great, but what does it mean?” Simply put, leading well as an educator means enacting a positive mindset every single day. From the moment you step into the classroom, the eyes of your students are on you. As hard as it can be to stay in the zone all of the time, keeping your leadership mindset at the forefront of your thoughts as you go throughout your day is essential to creating a successful classroom environment.


Mindset is an incredible tool in the world of leadership. It’s a topic Gebhardt feels strongly about. Each and every day you have to force yourself to clear your mind and create a specific kind of mindset, necessary for getting through your day. No matter the trials and tribulations that are thrown at you, maintaining a positive mindset is KEY. Although, easier said than done, right?

Real World Application

Take a moment each morning to set your intentions for the day. Imagine yourself as a leader within your classroom, school, and your community. What can you accomplish if you approach the day with an open mindset? What will your students learn from watching you lead with your best foot forward?

Now, we aren’t naive, we know there’s only so much you can get out of an article. That’s why we want you to give The Well for Educators a try. Start your free trial now and give it a go this week. Then let us know how the energy in your classroom changes. We can’t wait to see how leading mindfully makes a change in your daily routine.