A Bit of Background….

Andrea Gebhardt has always had a big heart for children and an undeniable passion for education. She spent a majority of her early career teaching 5th grade before moving into administration and serving as an Assistant Principal of an elementary school. 

She had big goals to eventually become a Superintendent and lead massive change on a local level. Her career transitioned, however, when she became very successful in the entrepreneurial space. Her success in this field resulted in her working alongside Dr. John C Maxwell to develop leadership content for entrepreneurs and leaders across the world. 

Andrea Gebhardt, courtesy of Instagram

She found herself once again in a teaching position — this time teaching leadership, personal development, business strategies, and more to many groups of people. The demand for her content became so great that she launched a podcast called Brewing Success, where she shares insight, tips, knowledge, and strategies that focus on helping people make real progress in life. 

The Mission to the Madness

She has brought this passion for education, strong leadership skills, and personal growth together in a place specifically for educators.

So what’s the goal? To pour into teachers in a way that keeps their buckets full longer, so they have the ability to pour into who they serve.

This idea birthed The Well. Andrea’s latest project brought her back to her life’s greatest passion: education. However, this time around, she is focusing on developing teachers by creating a first of its kind transformational platform specifically for educators. 

What is The Well?

The Well is a personal development platform designed for educators with the purpose of creating transformational and sustainable change, focusing on what teachers really need while equipping them with the tools and strategies. The goal of The Well is to boost educators’ success in and out of the classroom.

The Queen of Data

Andrea, at the heart of it all, is an astounding researcher. She wanted to have facts back up her beliefs, so she took a survey of over 7,000 educators to see what they were really needing. The survey generated shocking responses. She utilized these responses from real educators to help curate a plan to get to the root of the issue. Teachers are under appreciated and overwhelmed – that’s a surprise to no one. But Andrea has a plan. A plan to bring the energy and joy back to a profession building the next generation. 

Are you an educator craving change for you and your students? Learn more about The Well at the https://thewellforteachers.com/